Marcom Global Group


Marcom Global Group


Company Summary

Company Name:
Marcom Global Group
646-669-7374 (USA)
090-1462-0304 (JAPAN)
Masashi Miyama, Managing Director
November, 1995
Business Description:
Operational management of group businesses, a global business consulting, project planning, investment
Fiscal year-end:
December 31

Marcom Global Holdings, LLC is a management company that is incorporated in the State of New York, which handles the operational management, accounting, legal support, investment, and global business consulting for the two companies comprising the Marcom Global Group.

The Marcom Global Group comprises Marcom Global Holdings, LLC, Marlinks Studio, LLC and is a group that is involved in global media, video technology, video production, entertainment business, event management, and global business planning and management for Cool Japan centered around New York and Japan.

Company History

November 1995
Founded Marcom Visual Creation, Inc. (Marcom), a video production technology company that was the predecessor of the group, in Manhattan, New York, NY USA
March 2000
Founded Marlinks Studio, LLC, a real estate investment management company, in Manhattan, New York, NY, and purchased an office and studio space in the Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan
February 2002
Founded Martech Production, Inc. (Martech) in Manhattan, New York, NY as the technical arm of Marcom
June 2003
Moved the Martech management office to Westchester, NY
September 2011
Moved the Martech management office to Long Island City, Queens, New York
April 2016
Founded Marcom Global Holdings, LLC, an operational management company of the Marcom Global Group, in Manhattan, New York, transferred all business operations of Marcom to Marcom Global Vision, LLC as of the end of April
May 2016
Invested in Marcom Global Vision, LLC, a new company of the Marcom Group, in Manhattan, New York
August 2016
Moved Martech to 1 Third Avenue #723, Mineola, NY 10501 on Long Island, NY
December 2019
Closed in Martech and Marcom Group Holdings, LLC takes over technology business.
January 2020
Reorganization of the Marcom Global Group, with the management of all business operations of Marcom Group under the control of Marcom Global Holdings, LLC.
Started business alliance with ZaZou Productions, Inc. and expanded production business through collaboration with Marcom Global Vision, LLC.
May 2020
Dissolved Marcom Global Vision, LLC, unified Marcom business operations with Marcom Global Holdings, LLC and strengthened business alliance with ZaZou Productions, Inc.
May 2020
Dissolved Marcom Global Group.

MGH Business Partner


ZaZou Productions,Inc.

Company name: ZaZou Productions, Inc.


Outsourced production management from Marcom Global Holdings, LLC. Comprehensive management of creative production at MGH.

Our Clients

NHK, Japanese TV broadcasting companies, WOWOW, major advertising agency such as Dentsu, Hakuhodo, Major video productions, film productions, record label, event company and creative production company as well as individuals in USA, ASIA, and Europe.

Our specialty

TV News, TV production, film production, commercial film and advertising, event management, corporate VP, event audiovisual, promotion Video, stage coordination & production management, media research, market research, production coordination, multiple recording, live broadcasting, music production, system integration, technical direction, entertainment & miscellaneous Business Contracting, agency service for professional creators in overseas, total production coordination in Japan for overseas clients. Furthermore, the company offers thorough support in entrepreneurially endeavors and fosters business expansion in Japan and overseas.